Getting to Know: The Grow Hub

Getting to Know: The Grow Hub

1st Feb 2017

New to the market, but not to the game, Dan opened The Grow Hub in April of 2016. He’d been managing a restaurant for ten years prior, but had been gardening well before and during that time, basically his whole life. He saw the potential in hydroponics, so one day he just up and quit his job and “went for it.”FullSizeRender 35.jpg

Dan and his fiancé Lauren are the sole employees, and it’s currently just Dan, as the two just had their second child mere weeks ago. He keeps the shop open seven days a week, 11-6 weekdays and 11-5 weekends, and hopes to hire someone to help out in the near future. Beyond a labor of love, Dan and Lauren do everything they can to set themselves apart.

“We are new, so what sets us apart I believe is the customer support and service. As a new business we have to try to go above and beyond for our customers to establish a good customer base. So I’m not just trying to sell people stuff,” said Dan, “I want these customers to succeed and will do everything in my power to help them accomplish that.”

Another way they go above and beyond is the time they take to learn about the customer growing situation, which they are hyper conscious to the fact that each one is different. When customers come in they find out what they’re working with and tailor all aspects of the grow op to fit their needs precisely. They are sensitive to a grower’s level of experience and keep things simple for the newbie gardener. Dan added, “It does little for our long term success if the customers are not being successful with their gardening.”

A built in perk is their accessibility. Grow Hub is around 1000 feet from 495 and approximately five miles from nine different towns: Harvard, Ayer, Acton, Boxborough, Carlisle, Westford, Groton, Chelmsford and Devens. Phew! And for its convenience, the location is lowkey with very little traffic. A dwindling problem! Many home growers used to be very nervous about going to hydroponic stores, but with new legislation in place, that nervousness no longer exists.FullSizeRender 34.jpg

One more way we find them to be set apart, “We have been carrying Bloomboss pretty much since we opened. I had a lot of demand for LED Grow lights. So I did a lot of research and came across BloomBoss. I heard great things about BloomBoss. I liked the fact that they were local and they were the only fixture I came across to have the UV-Boss mode. They were also competitively priced. So I got a few models in the store, took one home, tried it and loved it.” said Dan “I’m always just excited in general about new products and growing techniques and new ideas. I try to always stay informed about all the latest things in the growing world for me and my customers.”