Plants Don't Lie

Plants Don't Lie

9th Mar 2017

We love this saying and pretty much live it every waking moment. BloomBoss grow lights were created by and for growers and it was the growers who love their plants who helped develop the BloomBoss LED light spectrum. We have the perfect balance of red, blue, infrared and full spectrum white lights configured for ultimate canopy penetration.

Aside from being gardener approved, our LED lighting is plant approved. Seedlings, plants in veg and flowering plants reach up and pray under our patented TrueSun® smart technology. We are literally the closest you can get to an indoor sunshine, without all the heat.

A major case study showed that plants that have been grown under BloomBoss LED lights have richer colors, more natural appearances and produce heavier resin contents. And to really boost oil production, our Pro series of LED lights have a dedicated UV-Boss switch, which bathes the plants in UV-A, which is especially effective during the flowering stage or in the final few weeks.

Light is a form of nutrition and your plants will let you know when they are under or over nourished. Yellowing of leaves, little brown spots, droopiness can all be signs of a deficiency or of overdoing it. This of course can be attributed to nutrients, watering and air quality as well. Growing the best flowers and produce possible takes time and care. Plants love BloomBoss LEDs and plants don’t...

That’s why we’ve put so much time and care into our grow lights. They’ve proven themselves time and again to outperform traditional lighting in quality, appearance and even harvest weight. Plus, the amount of money saved on electricity alone will pay for the light in just a few cycles. They truly are amazing products.

Though products, we take them very personally and take you very seriously. Plants don’t lie and neither do we. If you have any issue with a light, we’ll be there to fix it or find a way to resolve the problem, guaranteed. Customer service and the best LED light products are our top priorities.

We are always available to answer any questions you may have about our LED grow lights, accessories, which grow light is best for you and your space and anything else you can think up! Check out our FAQ’s to get started!