Ask the Boss (FAQ’s)

Ask the Boss (FAQ’s)

It looks like there are several LED bulbs that are not lit? What’s wrong with my light?

If it appears that some of the LEDs are not on, please don’t worry.

Nothing is wrong!

BloomBoss LED grow lights utilize infra-red (IR) and other chips that emit light that is not visible to the human eye, which means they may appear dim or unlit. Do not be alarmed as these LEDs are working just fine!

Why do I need to create a dark period in my garden?

Some flowering plants bear fruit only once a year during the fall season when the daylight hours grow shorter and the color of the sunlight changes and becomes more red. This is important for the indoor garden because the light period, or photoperiod, of your plants must be controlled.

What this simply means is that some plants must be exposed to light every day in order to keep them from blooming.

In most cases, you will want to keep your lights on for 18 hours while your plants are in the Veg cycle.

How often should I water my plants?

Seedlings require less water until they are growing vigorously. Avoid giving a lot of water at one time until the plant starts growing faster.

Once the plant is growing new leaves and stems regularly, begin watering as soon as your growing medium appears to be “mostly” dry.

Saturate the plant until you notice run off which can be identified when water starts to come out of your container.

Wait 5 minutes and then empty the saucer.

Watering once the top few inches of your medium dries out is a good general rule, however water may have accumulated at the bottom of your container.

A quick, but surefire way to know if your plants need water is the lift test. First you need to know how heavy your plant’s container feels when it’s dry. Before watering, lift it up and feel how heavy it is. If it is heavy, your plant is not in need of water just yet.

My plant looks sick, what's wrong with it and what do I do?

There can be a myriad of reasons for a plant to show signs of sickness.

You can have nutrient deficiencies, nutrient over-abundance (toxicity), pest problems, over-watering, under-watering, pH issues, and/or poor environment control.

As each situation is different, you as a grower need to be able to diagnose and correct problems that may arise in your garden.

BloomBoss suggests searching the internet for a photograph of what your plant looks like. This will be a good first step in determining what is upsetting your plants and provide you direction on what corrective action you should take.

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