BloomBoss PANEL grown Hydroponic Lettuce now available at Roche Bros. Supermarkets

Posted by Ethan on 18th Jun 2014

BloomBoss is pleased to announce the arrival of SmartHarvest Bistro Blend hydroponic lettuce at select Roche Bros. stores.  The lettuce is grown at Volante Farms in Needham inside of a SmartHarvest container which utilizes over 600 of our BloomBoss PANEL LED Grow Lights.  SmartHarvest employs cutting edge growing technologies to produce amazing produce in a very small space at lightning fast speed.  The BloomBoss PANEL provides the perfect light spectrum while using only 32 watts and generating very little heat.  We are very proud to have our LED grow lights selected for the commercial production of some great local greens.

Check out the whole story on the Roche Bros. website: