BloomBoss Root Pouch Blue #1 w/ Handles - 10 Pack

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Root Pouch BloomBoss Blue 1 gallon Fabric Containers with Handles

Root Pouches most rugged line, designed to be used season after season. Perfect for the great outdoors and hydroponic growing systems. The BloomBoss Blue fabric is made of recycled water bottles and includes sturdy fabric handles. All seams and stitching are reinforced and done with an industrial strength stitch to answer the need for a stronger, sturdier bag.

Root Pouch are designed to allow roots to breathe. Root Pouches are not tapered like plastic pots, so they stand up well to strong winds and heavy harvests. Root Pouches can be used with drip lines or hydroponic flood trays. A wonderful fabric growth bag!

  • Made from recycled plastic water bottles
  • Reusable - Just wash on the gentle cycle and it is ready to go again.
  • For soil & soilless gardens
  • Allows water to evaporate more evenly
  • Auto-prunes roots & prevents root circling
  • Allows evaporative cooling in hot climates & provides thermal insulation in cold climates
  • Creates a dense & fibrous root structure
  • Compact storage