NEW Release - BloomBoss FUSION Series has Arrived!

8th Sep 2012

We are proud to announce the arrival of the newest member of the BloomBoss family of Enhanced Spectrum LED Grow Lights. The BloomBoss FUSION Series has arrived! 

The FUSION series marks a major advancement in the evolution of LED Grow Lights.  Finally, a true replacement for your HPS grow lights that produces very little heat and consumes only half the power.  The BloomBoss FUSION 600 effectively replaces a conventional 600 watt HPS Grow Light while only consuming 300 watts of power. The FUSION combines an optimal blend of traditional 6500K and 2900K white light, with the intensity of 440nm, 470nm, 630nm & 660nm Blue and Red LED chips that blow away the competition.  The FUSION offers the perfect color blend between the HID lights of the past and the LED lights of the future.

What's more, the FUSION Series LED lights offer Dual Light Spectrums to provide the best of both worlds for vegetative growth and the flowering stage.  The Grow setting uses only 150 watts to provide excellent vegetative growth in a 4' x 4' area.  Simply turn on the second switch to boost the light to full capacity and modify the spectrum to encourage unbelievable flowering in the same 4' x 4' space.

The BloomBoss FUSION 400 offers all the same features as the FUSION 600 while effectively replacing a conventional 400 watt HPS Grow Light with only 200 watts of power and covering a 3' x 3' area.

The time has come to say goodbye to the HPS and MH lights of the past. The BloomBoss FUSION revolution has begun!!!