BloomBoss PANEL LED Grow Light - Release Date: April 1st, 2013

29th Mar 2013

BloomBoss is proud to announce the release of the New and Improved BloomBoss PANEL LED Grow Light.  

The new BloomBoss PANEL features 120 Flat SMD LED Chips, Chip By-Pass Protectors and a Custom Molded Plastic Back Panel.

The all new BloomBoss PANEL replaces the previous BloomBoss 45, for even more light with less power.  It uses only 32 Watts to provide coverage for up to 4 square feet of growing area.  This advancement is made possible by implementing new dual internal power supplies and 120 flat SMD LED chips.  When combined, these upgrade provide 20% more light than the Original BloomBoss 45 and they consume 30% less power.  In addition, the BloomBoss PANEL now features a custom molded plastic back cover to add durability and better protection for the internal components.  The BloomBoss PANEL also has LED By-Pass protectors on every chip.  In the event one LED chip should fail, the protector will take over to allow power to still reach all of the other LED chips.  In the past if you lost one LED chip, you would loose a whole row or more of light.  Now if one LED chip fails, you only loose one chip and the other will continue to operate correctly.

The BloomBoss PANEL uses the latest in LED technology to provide your plants with the optimal blend of light for both growth and flowering. It features a custom mix of red, blue and white high output led bulbs for the perfect spectrum. The BloomBoss PANEL works great for many applications including, individual plants that need more light, propagation of seedlings and clones, primary lighting for multiple plants in a 2' x 2' square and supplemental plant lighting used in conjunction with your current lights to enhance the spectrum and increase the overall yield.