BloomBoss Releases Revolutionary LED Grow Lights Developed Using Spectrum Said To Dramatically Increase Yields and Potency While Reducing Energy Costs.

Choosing the right grow light is the single most important factor in the success of an indoor garden. By using a perfectly balanced spectrum of red, blue and full spectrum white light, BloomBoss FUSION and FUSION Pro LEDs produce results that far surpass other grow lights.

Framingham, Massachusetts, March 15, 2016, Today, BloomBoss has made headlines with the release of their all new lineup of FUSION and FUSION Pro Series LED grow lights based on their proprietary TrueSun® Smart Spectrum Technology.

BloomBoss’sTrueSun® Smart Spectrum was developed over years of careful experimentation and testing to provide indoor growers with a true replacement for the sun. This proprietary spectrum provides the optimal amount of blue, red, and full spectrum white light for each stage of a plant’s growth cycle, producing bigger flowers and harvests. With dedicated switches for the Vegetative and Bloom cycles, BloomBoss’s FUSION® series LEDs provide plants with just the right light at each stage of growth, while offering users up to 65% energy savings when compared to traditional High Pressure Sodium or Metal Halide lights.

During a recent tradeshow, a company spokesperson for BloomBoss stated, “BloomBoss’s new FUISION and FUSION Pro Series grow lights were developed by master indoor growers to provide our customers with a true replacement for the sun so they can produce the most unbelievable harvests you have ever seen!” He went on to say in regards to the new UV-Boss Mode on the FUSION Pro Series lights, “the addition of UV-A light has been proven to maximize the potency and active compounds of certain plants.”

BloomBoss has been providing high quality LED grow lights that are designed in the USA since 2010. All FUSION and FUSION Pro series LED grow lights come standard with added features including a heavy duty rope ratchet hanging kit, an extra-long 12-foot power cord and a three year USA-based Manufacturer’s Warranty.

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