Understanding the Growth Process

The Three Stages of Growth: Propagation, Veg, Flower

All plants - from cucumbers to cannabis - share the same growth cycle.

In the propagation stage, seeds sprout into young plants. This is followed by the Vegetative stage (Veg), in which plants require more blue light to develop a strong and vigorous root system. Then comes the flowering (Bloom) stage. This is where plants require more red light to produce strong, high-yielding harvests.

Traditionally, indoor growers would use a Metal Halide (MH) bulb during the Veg stage as MH produces bluer wave lengths. Once the plants are ready to Bloom, they change the bulb to High Pressure Sodium (HPS) which produces redder wavelengths.

BloomBoss TrueSun LED grow lights eliminate the need to change expensive and environmentally unfriendly bulbs when transitioning from the Veg stage to the Bloom stage. Now, this essential step is as easy as the flick of a switch.