Using Your BloomBoss LED Grow Light

Understanding How Your BloomBoss FUSION™ LED Grow Light Works

There are two (2) primary switches that control the TrueSun Smart Spectrum inside your BloomBoss FUSION LED grow light, the Veg switch and the Bloom switch. A third switch for UV-Boss Mode is available on BloomBoss FUSION Pro Series LED grow lights only.

Switch #1 - Veg Mode - (Veg Switch On ONLY)

When your plant rst starts growing new leaves and stems it marks the beginning of the vegetative stage. The Veg switch on your BloomBoss FUSION LED grow light should be the only switch turned on during the initial Vegetative growth stage of your garden. The Veg switch activates the part of the TrueSun Smart Spectrum that is perfect for this stage of growth.

Switch #2 - Bloom Mode - (BOTH Veg + Bloom Switches On)

The Bloom stage of any garden’s growth is the most exciting and satisfying because all of your time and hard work begin to pay off.
BOTH the Veg switch AND the Bloom switch should be turned on during the Bloom stage providing your plants with the maximum light output.
When both the Veg and Bloom switches are turned on, your plants are getting just the right light they need to produce a bountiful harvest!

Switch #3 - UV-Boss Mode (FUSION Pro Series ONLY) - (All Switches On - Veg + Bloom + UV)

The UV switch should be turned on IN ADDITION TO the Veg and Bloom switches during the nal stages of your garden’s Bloom cycle.
The addition of UV-A light has been proven to maximize the potency and active compounds of certain plants.

Typically, UV-Boss Mode is only used during the nishing stage of the growth cycle (final 2 weeks). However, some growers opt to use UV-Boss Mode throughout the entire life cycle or to harden o plants before moving them outside.

The combination of the TrueSun Smart Spectrum and UV further develops and enhances the natural appearance of your plants.

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